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Placement tests in Chinese, Japanese, Greek and Norwegian have a different format. Information on how to register can be found here


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Please note: at the beginning of the course, we will check your placement test result to ensure that you are registered for the correct level.

General Information

The ZFA offers a variety of courses at different levels. If you are interested in taking courses, you must do a compulsory placement test in order to determine your level.

You may be exempt from taking a placement test:

  • …if you successfully completed the lower level course at the ZFA within the last two semesters. Please show your certificate to your lecturer in the first session of the course
  • …if you passed a UNIcert® exam or another standardized language test in the last two years. Certificates are to be accepted by the head of the language before registration.
  • …if you are looking to do a compact course during the semester break: there are placement tests at the beginning of each semester, early-bird dates towards the end of each semester and there is also – in exceptional cases – the possibility to do a placement test at the beginning of the first session of the course

Placement tests take place at the beginning of each semester and your result is valid for two semesters. If you are interested in taking one of our compact courses, we offer additional test dates at the end of each semester.

Do I have to take the placement test if I am an absolute beginner?

No, in this case you may register directly for a beginners’ course. Please note, however, that no such courses are offered in English.

Compulsory Placement Test for English

Our English courses are only offered to participants with prior knowledge of the language. Do I have to take the placement test if I have a limited knowledge of the language? The placement test for English is compulsory.

If you have further questions concerning the placement test please contact Anna Timukova, the front office or the respective head of the language.