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You can find the dates of the placement tests here.

The electronic placement test

The electronic placement test will be conducted ON SITE via the e-learning website Moodle. You must sign up beforehand in order to take the test.

How to sign up

You can only choose one time slot for each language. If you want to change your chosen appointment or cannot participate at all, please delete your registration so that other students may take your place.

You have a RUB LoginID?

Please click on the following link and then on Anmeldung RUB. Choose "Windows-Authentifizierung" and enter your login details.

Are you student from the HS Gesundheit, University of Witten/Herdecke or any other university in the Ruhr area?

Then choose the respective application form from our "href="">registration page

Preparation for the placement test

The placement test is a special kind of cloze test (C-test). You can try a demo version on Moodle if you have a RUB LoginID. Otherwise you can check out examples and find out more about the format here.

The test procedure

If you want to know in advance what to expect you can take a look at the Six Easy Steps to Your Placement Results.

Please keep in mind that you have to bring your student ID or another form of identification to the placement test.