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Enke Spänkuch
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Tandem Office

Studierendenhaus (SH) 2/211
Tel +49 (0)234 32-25189

Office Hours
Tuesday 10 - 16
Wednesday 10 - 17
Thursday 15 - 18

Individualised Learning

ZFA offers, in addition to a range of courses, the following modules of individualized, self-directed language learning opportunities.

Tandem consists of two people with two different language backgrounds working together. They help each other achieve their desired competencies in their target language. For example, if your native language is German and you wish to refresh your Spanish, then you could work with a Spanish or Latin-American Spanish speaking partner, who wishes to learn German. Tandem learners make their own decisions in regard to their learning. Tandem is a prototype for self-directed and individualized learning.

This module addresses learners with specific needs and limited availability of time, i.e., an employee of RUB, guest researchers or graduate students, whose different learning backgrounds require tailored solutions. During the first consulting meeting, the learning needs, goals and resources are identified; afterwards a training plan, which takes into account the dynamics of learning processes, is be developed.

This program is available for a fee.

These modules support learners in their individual learning projects. A counselor helps them with concrete recommendations for learning a certain linguistic pattern in a particular foreign language or for developing their learning competency in general. A language learning coach provides them with “help for self-help”, namely, focusing on the learner’s ability for self-determination and self-direction. Coaching is ultimately aimed at the sustainability of learning.


Wichtige Meldung des ZFA

Französisch Tandemkurs
21.03.2018 (Organisation)
Vom 09. bis 17.03.2018 fand bei uns der Französisch Tandemkurs Französisch mit Studierenden aus St. Dénis (la Réunion) statt. Der Kurs lief bereits zum zweiten Mal bei uns in Bochum und war wieder ein Riesenerfolg. Artikel in der WA_Z vom Dienstag 20.03.2018

Assistentin bzw. ein Assistent für DaF
08.05.2018 (Organisation)
Für die Universität Oviedo (Spanien) wird für die Zeit vom 15.09.2018 bis 16.06.2019 eine Assistentin bzw. ein Assistent für DaF gesucht Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Ausschreibung.