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Exams in Winter Semester 2021/22

Most language courses will continue to be offered online in the winter semester 2021/22, but there will also be some face-to-face courses.

The assessment in the courses will be as varied as the course programme itself: in some languages, depending on the pandemic situation, final exams will be held in person on campus in February. In other courses, however, performance will be assessed cumulatively online. A mixture of both forms is also possible.

The exact formats, contents and dates of the assessment procedure will be announced by the course instructors at the beginning of the course.

In courses with cumulative performance assessment, the components of which are an integral part of the course content and organization, no general resit examinations will be offered outside of the courses.

In cases of hardship please contact

Students who have not withdrawn their registration for the course on eCampus until 14.11.2021 will automatically be registered for the final exam.

Dealing with technical faults during an online exam

In the Winter Semester 2021/22, performance assessment will take place partially or entirely online: on Moodle, via Zoom, or similar. This form of performance assessment is prone to technical problems.

We as teachers and examiners at the ZFA make every effort to ensure that an online examination runs smoothly. However, it is also, and above all, your responsibility as the examinee to ensure that you have sufficient technical equipment on the exam date before the exam. This includes both a suitable end device and a stable Internet connection.

You can find further information in this memo sheet.


First-time RUB students can view their course grade in eCampus under the heading "My transcripts".

Please note that the lecturers have until 31.03. for courses from the winter semester and 30.09. for courses from the summer semester to publish the results in eCampus. If you need your results sooner for valid reasons, please inform your lecturer as early as possible.

Students from other German universities who have been admitted to the courses, as well as students and employees, will receive their certificate of successful course completion by post.

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Disability provisions

If you are or become eligible for disability provisions in one of the language courses and/or exams at the ZFA, please contact immediately (8 weeks prior to the exam date at the latest).