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Registration for external applicants

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After registration closes, places are allocated automatically by CampusOffice.

RUB Students

All of our language courses are free of charge for every student of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. There is no limitation to the number of courses you can take.

As a RUB student, you must register via CampusOffice. This also applies to courses you take for the optional part of your studies ('Optionalbereich').

In exceptional cases the ZFA can complete the registration for you (e.g. if access to CampusOffice is denied or you have lost your student ID card). Please contact us at

Students of the University Alliance Ruhr

Students of the University of Duisburg-Essen or the TU Dortmund may participate in the language courses, although RUB students are given priority in the allocation process.

You may not attend classes or contact lecturers without the approval of the front office. A form, which is available on UAMR-pages will not be accepted. Please follow these steps to ensure a valid enrollment:

1. complete the placement test (if you have some knowledge of the language)

2. enroll via our webpage

Your registration is only valid if a place will be offered from the front office. Personal contact to the teacher does not lead to a course participation.

The language courses are free of charge for UAMR students in summersemester 2018.

External Applicants

The participation of external applicants is within a clarification process.

RUB Staff Members

Our courses are open to staff members as well.

Please note that priority is given to RUB students in the allocation process and that the courses are free of charge for RUB students only.

You can register via our webpage with your RUB email address.

See the table below for more information about the individual fees.

Additionally, the ZFA and the IFB (Professional Development Centre) offer special courses for RUB staff which are free of charge. Click here for more information.